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Here’s what our clients have to say about Barr Law Offices LLC in their own words.


I am so thankful for everyone’s help in making this process so easy for me. This was my first time going through something like this, and you made yourselves available to me at all times. Everything was explained to the fullest extent and all of my questions were answered. Thank you all for being there for us in our time of need.


I am appreciative for all the hard work and dedication from Barr Law. They were highly respectful and treated me like family. My experience was all around great, and I highly recommend this law firm.


Thank you Barr Law for everything you did to help us through this process. You did an exceptional job in explaining the process and keeping us updated. Although our dad is no longer here, I am sure he would be satisfied as well.


Barr Law helped me understand the rights that I have as an injured employee. They also helped me understand the possible outcome of my case. You guys were awesome! I am so thankful for everything that was done for me. Ms. Michelle, Mr. Barr and the whole team were amazing. They helped me get my life back. They were very caring. 10/10, I will definitely recommend Bar Law.


There is not enough space for me to write everything you did for me. The one thing that stood out the most to me is how detailed and how well everything was explained to me. I felt assured that I was in good hands with lawyers who know what they were doing. Just knowing that Mr. Barr and Michelle were on my side during my Workers’ Compensation case made a hard time much easier to handle. I am thankful for the time and energy they put into making sure I received all the benefits that were owed me, as well as all treatments that were necessary for a speedy recovery.


I am very grateful for Barr Law and for everything you did for me in handling my accident case.

I am just so thankful that you all were a part of this blessing that took place. Myself and my boys will forever be grateful to you and your staff who made this situation so much easier to get through.


I am very grateful for all the staff at Barr Law. They are very knowledgable and kept me informed throughout my case. Working with Barr Law made me feel so much more secure in my ongoing situation.
Thank you for all that you have done for me.
I would totally recommend Barr Law to anyone who is going through work accident issues.


I was hesitant to speak to an attorney about my accident. I did not want to be litigious. In retrospect, I wish I had contacted Barr Law earlier in the process.
Dustin guided me through what was a very unfamiliar landscape, with kindness, intelligence,and a complete lack of pressure. I felt very cared for by the practice and I’m very grateful.


The attorney’s office was amazing with ensuring that I got quick and proper help. If I ever had a question, Barr Law was only a phone call away and a ready to assist.
I am beyond grateful for the help that the Barr Law team provided to me during my accident case. That was the hardest time in my life! I had an amazing team helping me every step of the way. Thank you very much for everything. Michelle and Carol were absolutely phenomenal!.


As soon as I made the call to Barr Law, they came out, spoke with us, got all of our information, and got to working on our case.
We have been completely grateful for everything that have done for our family.


I am so thankful for everything you all did for me for the past few years.. Your whole team has been great.


Mr. Dustin es un muy buen abogado que es muy humanitario y se enbolucra con sus casos muy afondo para entregar muy buenos resultados. Mr. Dustin tuvo la amabilidad de contactar a mi arrendador de donde vivo para que me esperara hasta que todo se arreglara. Muchas gracia y que Dios los Bendiga siempre a usted y a su grupo de trabajo.


I am very grateful with how Barr Law handled my case. They showed me they care about the people they work with.
I would recommend them to anybody needing help with their case. I can’t say enough about how they handle things and care about you.


Thankful for an attorney on my side who knows and understands what can be a very complex process in an accident case with injuries. Great staff and service!


Thank you so much for everything that has been done in my case. Everything was well-communicated and very well-handled.


A special “thank you” to Michelle for her work on my case. I appreciate you! A wonderful family of people to be involved with .


We are very happy with all the attentiveness Barr Law showed us during my case. Everything was done professionally, and I would recommend Barr Law to all my friends and family.


barr Law did a terrific job getting things moving and helping me with my Worker’s Comp case. Mr. Barr was excellent with negotiations. I would highly recommend using their firm.


I am very glad I decided to go with Barr Law. They were very helpful, informative, and always available to help with questions or problems. Communication was very well and the staff was great. Thank you for all you’ve done and for closing my case on a great note.


Barr Law was professional and I was well- represented. They have really served me well through this rough time. Even through the passing of my father, I’d like to thank Mr. Barr and Ms. Michell for all they have done to me get through everything


We are thankful that we were referred to Barr Law. I don’t believe that anyone could have handled our case any better. You guys are wonderful! Everything was above and beyond our expectations!..


Everyone was extremely courteous and professional. Mr. Johnson was wonderful to work with during this stressful time, We appreciate his reassuring demeanor and timely updates. He helped us through a bewildering time with extreme understanding. Thank you to Felicia for your always calm and comforting manner……


Thank you for everything you did for me during my accident case. You made it less stressful with everything going on. You guys did awesome. Everything throughout my case was handled very well


Family- oriented office with great customer service, attention to detail and timely communication throughout the process. Barr Law was always very timely with responses to inquiries, patience, and kindness. I felt like I was an individual and not just another number. I absolutely recommend Barr Law


Barr Law handled everything amazingly in my case


Your staff is really nice. You communicated with me every step of the process. The firm did a great job in handling everything quickly


Thank you, Mr. Johnson, and Ms. Felicia, for your great work on my case. Given that my case was very particular and difficult, I had a very favorable outcome. I am very happy with the service I received. The way you devoted yourselves to my case, shows that you care, and for that I thank you


I am very grateful I picked you guys. The attorney and office staff were all great, helpful, and very nice. Barr Law always looked out for my best interests. They were very kind and patient.
Thank you and keep up the great work you’re doing


Your staff is really nice. You communicated with me every step of the process. The firm did a great job in handling everything quickly


My accident was traumatic and painful. It was not easy, but when I was introduced to the Barr firm, it was like I was with family I didn’t know I had. My case was handled well and with care. I am glad to have witnessed the amazing work of Barr Law


Thank you so much Mr. Barr and Mr. Jeff. Y’all are really the best attorneys that I know. Y’all were so helpful with the whole process. Every time I was in the office, y’all were so nice and always asked me how I’m doing. My whole case was great. Y’all are great at what y’all do. It really put me at ease to know that y’all were working for me. Thank you so much


I am so happy I found Barr Law, and that you chose to represent me for my Workers Compensation case. I absolutely loved Barr Law, and everyone who I came in contact with.
Ms. Felicia was a pleasure. She explained everything in detail. My feelings were always taken into complete consideration. I would definitely recommend Barr Law to any of my friends and family


Your staff is really nice. You communicated with me every step of the process. The firm did a great job in handling everything quickly


It was a pleasure having a group like yours on my side. Mr. Barr and the entire staff always went above and beyond for me


Me and my family are grateful for the service that you and your employees have provided. It is nice to find a lawyer that cares about the client and not just the money. Y’all have made this experience much easier and for that I am grateful


I really appreciate how y’all stuck to your guns to get what we wanted in my WC Case…


I am very please to have had Barr Law on my Workers Comp case. They were very thorough in everything that needed to be dome. They were also very upfront from the start, and I felt like they told me the truth and not try cover up something or lie to me about anything…


I am very satisfied with the level of care and understanding that was involved in my case. I couldn’t have asked for a better law firm…


I believe everything was take care of. Everyone was thorough and very nice. I was kept up to date with everything. Y’all helped so much at the difficult time for me…


Thank you very much for taking my case. Barr Law is good at what they do. Everything was handled quickly and very well. You are thorough and very nice to work with.


I am grateful to the whole team at Barr Law. Thank you all very much for everything. I will recommend your firm to everyone I know.


Thank you for everything your office did throughout my case. You all did everything great! There is nothing that you could have improved on for my case. I will definitely recommend your office to everyone I know who is looking for help.


I was referred to your office by a professional organization. Mr. Barr and his staff are true and respectful professionals. They respond quickly and are straight forward. They gave me options and helped to guide me to what was best for me, even if it was not what was best for the firm. I am a very pleased client.


I really enjoyed the service that was provided. This is a great law firm and I recommend Mr. Dustin Barr 110%.


I’m pleased with the outcome of my case. The staff is very pleasant and is aware of every aspect of my case. I would definitely recommend Barr Law to anyone seeking the counseling of their services.


I am very thankful and appreciative of all your help during the difficult process after my work injury. You made times that seemed so hard easier to deal with. Thank you for all you did.


The service was amazing, everything was clear and explained. The time frame was on time.


I would not attempt to have handled my workers’ comp case on my own. Working with Barr Law was a pleasure. Your office staff was in every way Awesome! Thanks for everything you’ve done!


This was our first time needing an attorney. We are so thankful to have found Barr Law. Thank you to the Barrs and staff for your help. Everyone was so kind and helpful. We were kept aware of everything happening with our case. We could not have done this without you.


I am very grateful for Barr Law Offices for taking my workers’ comp case and making it easier for me to get through my situation and also explaining legal documents that were hard for me to understand at first.


My family thanks Barr Law for all that they did for myself and them during this tough time. Barr Law made everything less stressful. They did a great job on my workers’ comp case. I will let others know about this firm.


Mr. Barr and his staff were wonderful with my injury case. They are personable, professional, and show you are valued as a client. Very transparent and some of the best communication I have experienced with a law firm. Thank you Mr. Barr, Krystle and staff for a wonderful experience through an otherwise unpleasant time.


I appreciate all of the support from Barr Law during my Workers’ Compensation case. You made the process easy to understand. Excellent communication kept me updated at each step and the staff was friendly.


The thing that your office did particularly well in my workers’ comp case was to give me the help that I needed. I am pleased to have worked with Barr Law. The staff is very professional and I loved that the firm is Christian Based. AWESOME!!!!.


The entire legal staff made us feel comfortable and we never worried about our injury case, well not much anyway – normal jitters, but not doubts. We knew we were in good hands. Selecting an attorney to represent and guide anyone through an unknown legal maze seems impossible after an accident. However, after meeting Mr. Barr, my husband and I knew that we had met an immensely intelligent, diligent, and dedicated advocate for all his clients – not just us. Dustin & Beverly Barr, along with their remarkably competent staff, provided legal expertise beyond compare. Any legal conflict between parties requires a strong, ethical, and determined attorney to speak on behalf of and protect his client’s interests. However there is another quality equally important to any client, and that is compassion. Compassion to truly empathize with another’s suffering. We feel extremely fortunate to have retained Mr. Barr and his legal team to represent us in our accident case. We highly recommend Barr Law Offices completely and unequivocally to anyone in need of skillful legal aid.


Barr Law Offices went above and beyond in our injury case considering the sovereign immunity clause with the state. Even after that was found out, they continued on with the case, putting business practice aside and going forward to make sure the state was held accountable.


Barr Law Offices really helped me with my workers comp case. I would recommend them and use them again…

– JM

I am very pleased with Mr.. Barr and the Barr Law Offices staff for taking my case on such short notice.
They did a wonderful job. Thank you to the staff for working hard, keeping me informed and up to date with what was going on at all times.
I am very satisfied. I will always refer others to you.
I feel like I’m family with the warm welcome I receive when I come through the doors. God Bless and thank you very much.

– DC

The environment in your office was very calming and there were lots of friendly faces. I also appreciate all the hard work and extra time that was put into the emotional side of this journey. Everyone did an excellent job handling my case.

– J.B.

During the course of my case, I was treated very well by everyone and the communication was great.

– J.H.

Dustin and Team

Thank you for all your hard work and care in this whole situation. Through this storm we had peace in knowing that God directed your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for everything.

Colossians 3:15-M.S.

I felt protected. Dustin and his staff are genuine, caring people. He kept us informed and protected throughout our case. There was never a time that I felt like we were alone, and they met with us beyond normal business hours when needed.

– LD

Everything in my case was done with excellence. Mr. Barr has been wonderful! My paralegal Felicia was amazing. I could have not made it through this difficult and painful time without them. Felicia was more than my paralegal, she has been a friend and a counselor. She was there for me no matter what. Your entire staff has been friendly, and were considerate at my time of need.

– T.W.

If not for Mr. Barr and his whole staff, I honestly couldn’t tell you how I could have got through all this. Very professional, and legitimately concerned about me as a person and not just a client.

– R.P.

We are so thankful to have had such a thoughtful and caring group of people to walk us through this process. Barr Law Offices handled a very delicate situation with professionalism and understanding.

– J.S.

Everybody at Barr Law was so friendly during my case. These guys always call you back and always let you know what’s going on. I happily recommend Barr Law Offices.

– R.C.

I was very wary of working with a lawyer because you are not sure who can be trusted. After meeting with Mr. Barr, I knew I was in good hands. Thanks for always being open and honest about my case and standing with me through every step.

– God Bless you, D.H.

We are so grateful to you and Beverly for all that you did for me and my spouse during our accident case. That was a very difficult time for us, with so much going on. Working with you and your staff made a difficult situation so much easier.

– K.O.

Dustin and his staff were all so friendly and helpful. They called me often to see how my recovery was going, and to keep me informed of what was going on. You actually meet with Dustin, not a paralegal, when you go in for your consultation. He is very honest with you, he is not just in it for money. He makes sure you know what you can and can’t do, and how you should behave during the case. Dustin cares about his clients, and his staff knows you by name. You’re not just a case number, they really take the time to get to know you.

– V.K.

Proverbs 27:1 states, “Don’t boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.” This verse served to be true on August 12, 2014. With my day planned to a “T,” I quickly learned that when accidents happen, everything changes.

During a student break on the fourth day of school, a freak accident occurred which changed all my life dramatically. I was hurt; wrist, elbow, back and knees. I went from a person that was doing, to being confined to the bed or sofa, depending on others to care for my every need. Yes, I saw my primary care physician when approved by workers compensation, but could not get the appointments needed to diagnose and treat my injuries.

After two months of trying to deal with workers comp myself, my brother suggested I needed to speak with an attorney. I spoke with my doctor the next day and he felt the same. My brother and physician both recommended Barr Law Offices LLC.

The next afternoon, I called Barr Law Offices and spoke with Ms. Rivers. She took the basic information pertaining to the accident and stated that she would pass it to Mr. Barr. I received a call from Mr. Barr confirming he would take my case and was given an appointment time within the week.

Well, I was upset about the accident and very nervous about seeing an attorney. Previous experiences pertaining to the buying or selling of land, deaths in the family, and a divorce have left me with a less-than positive attitude toward attorneys. But I was wrong in this case; so wrong.

From the time I first met Mr. Barr, Ms. Rivers, and Mrs. Pearson, I felt among friends. Everyone was very personable, caring and genuinely concerned about me, not just the case, but me! I was informed that day that I no longer had to deal with workers comp. In no time, I had appointments for MRIs, doctors, and therapy. It was amazing!

Barr Law Offices stayed in touch with me throughout the dilemma, keeping me informed of everything that was going on. I consistently received phone calls and email and mail to keep be abreast, of the correspondence with others involved. Again, it was unreal!

Anytime I had a question or concern, I could call the office and speak with someone. Many, many times Ms. Rivers listened to me as if I were a friend or family. She and Mr. Barr always wanted to know how I was doing and would take the time to listen and offer encouraging words. Everyone was truly concerned about my well-being, not just the case. After my surgery, I was contacted to see how I was doing, I started occupational therapy three days after surgery due to the persistence of my attorneys. Although I am still not back to my old self, Barr Law Offices’ tenacity proved to be the help I needed to heal, physically, emotional, and spiritually.

– N.S.